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  • Sportservice Michel - open door days - 19/10 - 28/10/2012

    Our sponsor for BattleBelgium for the last two years, Sportservice Michel is organizing "Opendeur dagen" between 19/10/2012 and 28/10/2012.
    If you're looking into buying skates, ski's, any kind of sports gear actually, think about paying the store a visit.
    And if you do, tell him ConeCrazy sent you. ;)

    BattleBelgium 2012

    You can now register for BattleBelgium 2012.
    Go here: http://www.battlebelgium.be/register

    Forum will be disabled

    We will get rid of the forum and switch to using the Facebook page instead.
    Decision was made because of two factors:
    1. Activity has become too low
    2. Everybody uses facebook more than they use their mail clients

    From Forum to Facebook

    We've asked around a little and it seems most of the people that want to come to our sessions use Facebook much more than their mail.
    So as to reach a broader public, we will be moving from our SimpleMachines Forum to Facebook to post all our sessions.
    I guess it's about time. :)

    Freestyle Lessenreeks @ All-inline

    Megan and Tim are doing another course at All-Inline:

    BattleBelgium mini-site online!

    Check out the mini-site of BattleBelgium 2011, which will be held in the Kievit Terminal in Antwerp on the weekend of 17th and 18th of September.

    Megan's Blog

    Maybe some of you will already know about this, but Megan McIntosh has started blogging a while ago, and her posts are becoming more interesting all the time.
    If you haven't read it yet, definitely check it out right here: http://megan9mm.blogspot.com/

    Sessions new season 2010 are in the forums

    I have posted all upcoming Demerstrand sessions and also the German invitational 4WheelFreestyle session in the forum.
    Go and check them out now in the Sessions Forum.
    If you want a better overview, I suggest checking out the calendar page on our website.

    Hope to see you at one of these sessions!

    BattleBelgium 2010: the pictures

    Photos taken by Stijn & Evy can be found here:

    BattleBelgium 2010 - 17-18 July 2010

    An International Freestyle Slalom competition. This competition will be part of the World Slalom Series 2010.
    Disciplines: Freestyle Slalom, SpeedSlalom, FreeJump.
    Visitors get in for FREE to watch the show!
    Check out the full page right here, of als je nederlands spreekt klik dan hier

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